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Chiesa di San Fiorenzo, Chiesa Cattedrale di San Donato, Chiesa di San Francesco Saverio detta "La Missione”, Chiesa di San Giuseppe dei Carmelitani Scalzi detta "La Misericordia”, Cappella di Santa Croce...


BASTIA MONDOVì  - Chiesa di San Fiorenzo

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The church of S. Fiorenzo, an authentic jewel of Gothic art, is located near Bastia Mondovì, between the green of the countryside. Its simple structure contains a cycle of frescoes so imposing and extraordinary to leave the visitors stunned. There are 326 square meters of frescoes realized in the most popular schools of the XV century: polychrome walls, simple art, bare of decorations but rich in mysticism and religiosity. A “Bible of the Poor” that through histories of the Saints, the Life and Passion of Christ, of Heaven and Hell, teach, educate and comfort not only the rural community of that time, but also the enchanted visitors of these days.

MONDOVI' Piazza - Chiesa Cattedrale di San Donato
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The Church of San Donato is the main Church of Mondovì. The Church is rich in works of art, such as the altar of the Renaissance Church (1507), an ancient bust of Pope Pius V and several paintings dating back XVII-XVIII century of Piemontese and Lombard artists.

MONDOVI' Piazza - Chiesa di San Francesco Saverio detta "La Missione"
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The first stone of this Church was laid on May 14 1665.To construct the building, planned by the architect of Fossano . Giovenale Boetto, the houses with six arcades on the southern side of Maggiore square were demolished. The façade is made of sandstone and is a work of Boetto. The church has got one single nave and is richly decorated inside. Often the pictorial and sculptural decorations mix up.

MONDOVI' Piazza - Chiesa di San Giuseppe dei Carmelitani Scalzi detta "La Misericordia"
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The Church “La Misericordia” is the first Church designed by Francesco Gallo. He has been charged of this work by the Carmelites in 1708 and the church was consecrated to worship in 1717 even if it was not completed. The inner part was definitively finished in 1742, with the construction of the right altar dedicated to S. Teresa. The characteristic of this church is the elevation since the building is closed to the sides by the eng small street, where it rises.

MONDOVI' Piazza - Cappella di Santa Croce
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The origins of the Chapel S. Croce are lost in time: the existence of the building is documented for the first time at the beginning of the thirteenth century. The central part was built in the first half of the fourteenth century, while the small triangular bell tower and the arcades in the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries. In 1394 the chapel was part of a Dominican convent. Inside there are frescoes dating back from 1450-1460 and are one of the best example of the Gothic painting in Europe. The frescoes are attributed to the painter Antonio “Dragone” from Monteregale, artist working in Molini di Triora and in the Valleys of Monregalese in the middle of the fifteenth century.

MONDOVI' Breo - Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo
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Ancient holy place transformed many times, will undergo several enhancements in the eighteenth century, starting from Francesco Gallo with the addition of the side chapels, till the dome of Vittone. The church has got three naves and preserves many works of art. From 1798 a canopy located at the top of the façade is the “home” of the Moro, the robot that marks the hours, a work of Matteo Mondino from Mondovì.

VICOFORTE - Santuario Basilica Regina Montis Regalis
Piazza Carlo Emanuele I, 1
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One of the biggest elliptic domes ever built in the entire world silhouettes against the sky, a few kilometres from Mondovì, on the road that goes to Savona. It is the symbol of the Santuario di Vicoforte (Vicoforte Sanctuary), and it was designed in the early seventeen hundreds by the architect Francesco Gallo. The architectural complex shows different styles: a Renaissance lower part, a baroque drum and dome and bell towers in various architectural styles. The Sanctuary has only one nave. Inside the central nave stands a small marble temple that holds the historic pillar with the image of the Madonna, which was the reason behind the Sacred complex being built.


GARESSIO - Santuario di Valsorda

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The devotion to the Our Lay of Valsorda has a long history. The tradition attributes to the freeing from the plague of 1400 the construction, on top of the village, of a small “oratory”, made in stone and soil, similar to a country chapel. It was open at the front and had some paintings on the wall at the back, showing a triptych depicting the Madonna seated between two saints. The devotion to the Virgin took a new impetus following the miraculous healing of a deaf-mute woman on July 13 1653. At that time it began the works of extensions of the original structure and on 29 May 1662 the first solemn coronation of Madonna delle Grazie took place. In 1665 the ancient fresco, now in bad conditions, was re plastered and repainted, copying as far as possible the original figure. The old sanctuary, in its present structure, was completed in mid ‘800.