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Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli, Santuario Regina Pacis, Certosa di Santa Maria, Santuario Madonna dei Boschi, Pieve di Santa Maria...



LIMONE PIEMONTE  - Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli

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The Church S. Pietro in Vincoli is an elegant building entirely made of stone, in late Gothic style, of the XIV century. On the front, in the lunette above the portal, it is still preserved a precious fresco of the “Deposition” of the ‘400. An inscription and a gravestone, both inside the church, remember the passage of two famous persons to Limone Piemonte: Charles V in the XVI century and Pope Pius VII in XIX century.


BEINETTE – Pieve di Santa Maria

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The Church, mentioned for the first time in 1041 as belonging to the diocese of Asti, organized a territory that stretched up to the slopes of Bisalta. In the surrounding, marble and brick materials from the Roman time came to light. The cycles of frescoes inside the building and exceptionally preserved are definitely interesting.

BOVES Fontanelle – Santuario Regina Pacis
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The Sanctuary, planned by Pier Giuseppe Mazzarelli, was strongly supported by the priest Don Agostino Pellegrino and built between 1924 and 1934. Here the artist from Turin painted Our Lady with angels and the founder of the sanctuary, and the dinner in Emmaus with acrylic tempera.

BOVES - Santuario Madonna dei Boschi
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Anyone who enters for the first time in this sanctuary has almost the impression of entering in a gallery, so great are the paintings and frescoes. The Last Judgement and the Tale of the Passion are very interesting. The new altar in bronze made in 2000 is an excellent example of modern religious art.

CHIUSA DI PESIO – Certosa di Santa Maria
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In 1173, monk Ulderico of the Order of St Bruno’s Carthusian monks, founded the Certosa di Santa Maria di Pesio (St Mary of Pesio’s Carthusian monastery). The monastery soon gained great importance, becoming, for almost six centuries, one of the most important cultural and spiritual centres of Piedmont. After this long period of well-being and prosperity, however, in 1802 the monastery was subjected to raids and plunders by the Napoleonic troops, which forced the monks to abandon it. After this short interval, in 1934 the building was returned to its religious function, in that still today it provides hospitality for the Missionary Fathers of the Consolata of Torino. Even if it has lost its original medieval appearance, the building has retained its late-Renaissance features. The XI century cloister is especially interesting, with its entrance from the Prior’s chapel. Around the cloister are other buildings of the complex entirely dominated by the high abbey church, which is decorated with frescoes and was built on the remains of the XII century church.