A park with a breathtaking view of Monviso, between Po Valley and Varaita Valley.

Monviso Park, with its 8,334 hectares of territory around Monviso, boasts a very rich range of natural environments thanks to the presence of water along all its extension and to the remarkable altimetric excursion of the territory (from the 3841 meters of the Monviso peak to the 240 of the Casalgrasso plain). The vegetation is rich and various. Starting from Crissolo, the course of the river begins to be accompanied by tall trees; going down towards the plain, different species are gradually encountered, passing from conifers to broadleaf trees, such as birch, beech, chestnut, willow and black alder bushes. Even the fauna is very varied: in the most inaccessible areas live the ibex, the ptarmigan, the chough; where there is more grass we will find the marmot and the chamois. Proceeding towards the valley we could meet the roe deer and deer, recently reintroduced. There are also brown trout and minnows, the common frog and the black salamander of Lanza, an endemic amphibian only recently discovered by naturalists.