This is an area where mountain and plain meet: this is Gesso and Stura River Park.

The park consists of 4500 hectares ideal for sports, didactics, leisure and culture.

It is a park that "comes from people", because the original idea is actually credited to the citizens of Cuneo, who since 1979 had urged the Administration to enhance the territory of the rivers.

It is a real "green network" of cycle-pedestrian paths - currently about 100 km long - that cross the whole territory of the park. In order to fully enjoy the nature and the landscape of the park, some paths have been identified as suitable for hiking or biking. Notice boards, poles and lecterns guide the visitors to discover the area in its naturalistic and historical-cultural features. Specific activities with schools are also planned.

Water characterizes the whole park, with the 60 km that the Gesso stream and the Stura river cross within 10 municipalities: besides Cuneo - the Park management body - Borgo San Dalmazzo, Castelletto Stura, Centallo, Cervasca, Montanera, Roccasparvera, Roccavione, Sant'Albano Stura and Vignolo. Hundreds of animal species live in this area: 114 species of birds, 25 of mammals, 9 of amphibians, 8 of reptiles, 53 of diurnal lepidopterans as well as a considerable number of insects and other invertebrates.

The park consists of a set of different ecosystems that preserve a healthy balance between the environment of the river and human activities practiced for centuries. The prevailing vegetation is woody with oaks, locust trees, ash trees; the rest of the territory is taken up by agricultural crops, meadows, gardens and riparian vegetation with alders, white and black poplars, willows.

There are also buildings of particular historical and cultural interest such as shrines, chapels, mills, villas, jacks, farmhouses. The City of Cuneo promotes recreational and educational initiatives of environmental education for adults and children: excursions, moments of celebration, workshops, sports events, conferences and exhibitions on topics related to the river territory of Cuneo. Ideal place for sports lovers, the park offers a 4-season track for cross-country skiing, but also running, horseback riding, roller skating, soccer, tennis, beach volleyball, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, fishing, hiking and Nordic walking, thanks to the services and sports facilities inside. At the Basse di Stura, there is also a canoeing center of Cuneo "Le Basse - non solo acqua", a center for learning rowing and a climbing wall.

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