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Via Vittorio Veneto, 26 - 12012 Boves (CN)
Phone number: +39 335. 10 93 033



Taxsì offers a transfer service with vehicles suitable for any type of need: individuals or groups, private or companies, without any problem of space for luggage or sports equipment.
Taxsì Service Rental with Driver is active for resorts destination, for heritage cities, for group’s trips, sports teams, families and organized groups.


Transfer services available:

- airports connection
- business transfer
- package delivery
- wedding shuttle service
- party bus
- health care transfer
- luggage transportation (for hikers/cyclists)
- Supercar rental (Maserati, Jaguar and Audi)
- railway stations connection


The services are designed for those who need to move for work in exhibition center or in craft and commercial areas, Italian and foreign, for travel, holidays or for those who want to participate in concerts, sporting events, dinners, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette party, movida.
In addition, taxsì offers services also for tourists who wish to move from one route to another, or who need to transport luggage from one hotel/shelter to another, also taking advantage of a qualified Guide (of Piedmont Region), if necessary, or for transport cyclists with their bike (possible rental service) and baggage for the whole region on a specially equipped trailer.

You must only decide WHERE, WHEN and HOW to go, Taxsì will organize all the rest!