ski resort alps

The mountains around Cuneo form a splendid snow-covered range around Cuneo during the winter months, etched with hundreds of kilometres of slopes,

.... both cross-country and downhill, which lead through truly breath-taking scenery. There are slopes for all ages and levels, from the wider easy ones for children and beginners to frighteningly steep ones for the more expert skiers, as well as snow-boarding slopes and off-slope tracks.

The Valleys of Monregalese with Sangiacomo di Roburent, Viola St. Grée and Lurisia, the Tanaro Valley with Ormea, Garessio 2000 and Briga Alta, the nordic ski centre of Chiusa Pesio, the Gesso Valley with Entracque and Desertetto, the Stura Valley with Argentera, Festiona and all other cross-country centres, the Maira, Grana and Varaita valleys with many rings for cross-country skiing, the Po Valley with Crissolo-Pian Regina, Paesana-Pian Munè and Bagnolo Piemonte-Rucas await you for unforgettable days on the snow.

In our valleys, you can spend your holidays between winter sports and summer trekking tours, with the certainty to be in a friendly and unforgettable atmosphere, choosing one of our hotels offering all the comforts.