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Spa resort Piedmont Italy

Valle Pesio has two main thermal springs: Fonte Santa Barbara and Fonte Garbarino.

These are located at an altitude of 700 metres in a beautiful valley, where dense green pines climb high to the mountain tops. It was Marie Curie who discovered the beneficial properties of this spring water when she travelled here to study the traces of radium found in the slate quarries in the area. Since then, other sources with special healing characteristics have been discovered near Cuneo (Terme di Vinadio, Terme Reali di Garessio). The spring waters of Lurisia (classified as low in temperature and mineral content, radioactive and microbiologically pure) provide excellent treatments for optimizing physical health and beauty.
Today a stay at a spa is not just a health treatment prescribed by doctors, but a dream holiday within anybody’s reach. The thermal facility offers suitable equipment for inhalation therapy and for aesthetic body treatments, as well as a unit dedicated to mud therapy.

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